1.General Information

The Company with the distinctive title "BROKEN RULES KAVALA" which is located and located in Greece and specifically in the Prefecture of Kavala at 15 ERMOU Street, in the city of Kavala and belongs to Tsavlou Sofia with VAT: 120680230 maintains the e-commerce website brokenrules broken. gr intended exclusively for the promotion of the company on the internet but also for the marketing of products.

This e-shop offers to all customers, as well as to all internet users, immediate information about the products offered by the company, as well as the opportunity to make their purchases electronically by purchasing either one of the products that are already available in the present store, or by making telephone orders according to their preferences.

The company "BROKEN RULES KAVALA" reserves the right to either renew or upgrade its online store to all content and terms of use without having the obligation to previously inform the user, consumer or ordinary visitor. It is the obligation of either the user, the consumer or the ordinary visitor to read and accept the terms and conditions of the above online store.

Also, the company "BROKEN RULES KAVALA" reserves in any case the right to suspend the operation of the online store and the services resulting from it without first notifying either the user, the consumer or the average visitor.

For more information on both the terms of use and the data protection policy you can contact us either via the contact form or via the telephone numbers listed on the website.

2.Personal information

The online store brokenruleskavala.gr collects exclusively, with the consent of the customer, those personal data, which are absolutely necessary for the safe execution and execution of their orders and only these.

The purpose of gathering the above information is to calculate the traffic of the online store and in general for the safe execution of orders, as noted in the previous paragraph. The company undertakes not to provide to any third party the personal data of the customers that it has collected, without the explicit consent of the users.

Customers who want to use the page of "BROKEN RULES KAVALA" and the online store unconditionally accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and are constantly informed of any changes to them.

3.Use of Online Store

The consumer or the visitor can use the website and its online store at any time and if they wish, accepting the terms of use that govern it. By using the website at the same time undertakes

  • To use the website either to be informed about our products or to place orders on it or to get in touch with us.
  • To provide us with his information correctly (email, personal contact details) while at the same time accepting that this information may be used to contact him in order to promote the order.

In any case, the user of the website and the online store brokenruleskavala.gr accepts that he is over 18 years old.

4.Product Orders

In any case, the information contained in the website and in the online store of brokenruleskavala.gr is material for information and not a sale proposal. The process of ordering products begins to exist from the moment the consumer chooses the products he wants and then completes his order by accepting the terms of use and pressing the "complete" button ¨.

Then our company will send you an e-mail informing you that it confirms your order and then a second e-mail will follow, to inform you about the completion of the order and the shipment of the products.

5.Rejection or non-acceptance of order

In case for some reason our company does not accept your order for any reason such as:

  • Product unavailability
  • False and inaccurate consumer information
  • Failure to complete payment of the order

It will inform the consumer either by phone or via email about the reasons why the order was canceled.

6.Order delivery & shipping methods

Brokenruleskavala.gr will make every effort to deliver the products on the delivery date indicated on the order and in any case within 3 days from the date of confirmation of the order.

The delivery of the products to the final consumer is done through a cooperating carrier and specifically the transport Elta Porta Porta within 3 working days.

Shipping costs are as follows:

  • The cost of transport amounts to € 5.00
  • FREE Shipping Cost throughout Greece if the order exceeds 60 €.
  • In case the payment of the order is by cash on delivery there is an additional charge of 1 €

*At this point it should be mentioned that deliveries on Saturdays or Sundays are made after consultation with the carrier and the consumer and at an additional charge.

In any case, there may be some delays in the delivery of the order for inaccessible areas or if there are specific reasons

Brokenruleskavala.gr will inform you in case it fails to meet the delivery date of the order to offer you the option to either cancel the order or set a new delivery date

Delivery of the order is considered completed if the consumer has received either he or a third party on his order the natural products, and will be evidenced by the signature on the receipt of the carrier.

7. Product availability & prices

The products presented and offered through the website brokenruleskavala.gr are available both in Greece and abroad. The online store is constantly informed about the availability of products and the change of prices but also about the offers for the benefit of the final consumer.

All products are available for immediate delivery and receipt. However, in any case, brokenruleskavala.gr will inform the consumer in case one of the products is not available.


8.No order delivery

In case it is not possible to receive the order from the final consumer, the transport company will leave you a note informing you what you need to do to receive it. After 10 days and if the order has not been received, it will be considered invalid and the products will be returned to our company. As a result of the cancellation of the order we will return within 14 days every payment we received from the consumer from the date the order was canceled.

9.Product prices & payment methods

The prices of the products on brokenruleskavala.gr are those that are set at any time on its website with absolute accuracy. The prices on the website include VAT but not the shipping costs of the order, which are what are stated in the terms and in informing the consumer shortly before the completion of the order.

For the convenience and service of all those who wish to buy from the online store of our Company, brokenruleskavala.gr has the following payment methods:

Debit Card Charge:

Our online store has taken all the necessary measures for the security of your transactions through your debit card and all debit card holders are subject to validity checks. By choosing the specific payment method, you will be transferred to a secure transaction environment of the partner Bank that has undertaken the routing of the cards, ie the National Bank, where you will be asked for all the details of your card.

It is important that you provide a contact telephone number and a valid e-mail address. In case your credit card is not approved by your bank, the company reserves the right to cancel your order.

Bank account deposit:

Alternatively you can pay for your order directly by depositing in one of the following accounts of the company motopartskavala.gr by writing in the comment the order number and your name.




Payment by cash on delivery to the transport company

Our online store, in addition to the above payment methods, enables the final consumer to pay for his order by cash on delivery with the payment of the amount of money to the transport company at the time of receipt of the products. The amount of cash on delivery amounts to 1 € in addition to shipping costs.

10. Product return policy

According to EU rules, the consumer has 14 days from the date of receipt of the products to withdraw and return the products to the company brokenruleskavala.gr in their original state without having to state the reasons.

For its part, brokenruleskavala.gr is required to return to the consumer the monetary price paid for the purchase of the products within 14 days from the moment it was informed about the withdrawal.

The return of the products is accepted by the company brokenruleskavala.gr if the following are observed:

  • The product is in its original condition and is not damaged or damaged.
  • The product packaging is in its original condition and has not been opened or unsealed.

If the withdrawal is agreed between the final consumer and the company brokenruleskavala.gr the procedure is as follows:

ΟThe consumer contacts the company either by phone at 251 301 1792 or via email sales@brokenruleskavala.gr within 14 days of receiving the product.

  • Then the customer sends the product to the address ERMOU 15, Kavala 65302 taking care that it is packaged accordingly so that it is not damaged during transport with the corresponding document whether it is a receipt or an invoice.
  • The customer bears the return costs in case the product is returned to the offices of our company through a transport company. Respectively, there is no charge in case the product is returned by going to the offices of our company at the address 8 Kritis, Kavala 652 01.

Brokenruleskavala.gr in turn, as soon as it receives the product, checks its completeness and then returns the price of the order to the final consumer.

11.Product return policy, replacement of defective products and change of goods

The consumer always reserves the right to return the product to the company brokenruleskavala.gr in the following cases:

  • Receipt of a defective product, transfer under the responsibility of brokenruleskavala.gr or the transport company with which the products are delivered.
  • Wrong product received by the consumer and not the one he placed in his order.

In the above cases, the product return process begins and is as follows:

  • The consumer communicates with the company either by phone at 251 301 1792 or via email sales@brokenruleskavala.gr within 7 days from the moment he received the product. Please send us photos of the wrong or defective product.
  • Then the customer sends the product to the address ERMOU 15, Kavala 65302 taking care that it is packaged accordingly so that it is not damaged during transport with the corresponding document whether it is a receipt or an invoice.
  • In this case, the company brokenruleskavala.gr assumes the return costs in case the customer returns the product to the offices of our company through a transport company. Respectively, there is no charge in case the product is returned by going to the offices of our company at the address Ermou 15, Kavala, 65302.
  • Then brokenruleskavala.gr, as soon as it receives the product, comes to an agreement with the customer in order to launch the shipment of a new product or to return the money received for its order.

In any case, the customer must return the products unused to the company itself, so that they can be checked and the error can be detected within 14 calendar days from the day of receipt of the products. The products must be returned in their packaging, without damage or alterations accompanied by the appropriate packaging documents.

12.Modification of terms and conditions

The company brokenruleskavala.gr reserves the right to cancel or modify the settings and the content that appear on its Website but also to modify these terms at any time without prior notice to its visitors. The consumer, visitor or user of the website is requested to regularly check the specific terms of use in order to be informed about their content.

13. Copyright of website & online store

Τhe entire website brokenruleskavala.gr (trademarks, photos, graphic designs, indicative texts) is the intellectual property of the company which is protected by the relevant laws of both the Greek State and the European Union.

In any case, the content of the website should not be used by third parties either in the form of republishing, reproduction or modification.

Otherwise, the company motopartskavala.gr reserves the right to claim any positive damage caused to it, always in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

14. Contact BrokenRulesKavala

In any case, to solve any question regarding the above you can contact us in the following ways.

  • Calling us at tel. +30 251 301 1792 and asking for the responsible Sofia Tsavlou
  • By sending direct mail to info@brokenruleskavala.gr and sales@brokenruleskavala.gr or to some of the contact forms that exist on the website of the online store.
  • Sending a message directly to the socialmedia of brokenruleskavala.gr where the company will respond to you immediately.

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